Our boat 'WELVAART'

(there are a lot of pictures to download, please be patient)

These are pictures from our new home, a boat, named 'Welvaart'. If you translate this it means 'Prosperity'. It has been called like this since the day she left the dock and that was in 1906.

I will now give a little guided tour through our home. Enjoy.

At first she looked like this:

We bought her in July 1996 and my husband worked very hard to make her ready to live on. In September 1997 we actually went on board to live.

She's 21 meters long and 4.22 width. She was built in the northern part of Holland, Groningen and her type is a Groninger Boltjalk.

This is how she looks now:


We now will enter her and have a look inside. You have to keep in mind that my husband Donald did all the woodwork himself.


The Entrance


Little Stove

Living Room

Entrance to the bedroom

Our Bed


Christmas Tree 1997

And this is how she has to become.


And these are my new neighbours.

I do hope you enjoyed this little tour.

If you have any suggestions, or remarks or ideas I can add to this page, please don't hesitate to email me.

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